Support Policy

Steadfast Support From Project Start To Finish

We work extremely hard to provide you with a smooth construction or renovation experience, yet we know that you might still have some questions about our support policy and warranty inclusions/exclusions. For each project we provide our clients with a detailed warranty document, User Guides, and multiple methods to contact support, so clients can get their questions or issues answered and resolved in a timely manner.

Support Methods

We are available to support our clients by phone, email or through our portal request website. If there is a critical issue within your home, please call 312-588-6878 and a member from the Urbane Home management staff will respond as soon as possible. If the question, issue or repair within your home is not critical, please email and we will respond within 24 hours with a plan and next steps for response and repair.

Please Note: Texts received regarding warranty or home questions will not be addressed. We kindly require our clients to follow the set protocol for logging questions or warranty requests through our portal or the email address.

Support Hours

Our support hours are Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm.

What Our Support Covers

Urbane Home will accompany our client(s) on one site visits during the one-year warranty period to evaluate any warranty issues as well as answer any questions and/or provide additional information as to home functions. The warranty visit will take place around 6 months after project completion. This site visit is a service offering of Urbane Home to reflect our commitment to quality and customer service but can be used at the discretion of our client(s) during the one-year warranty period. Should our clients request additional site visits or consultation services during or after the warranty period, fees will be discussed and applied prior to any additional work or visit.

What Our Support Does Not Cover

Please refer to the Warranty document for a detailed list of inclusions and exclusions.  Please Note: No corrections will be made for defects or items not recorded by the inspection report, or issues claimed or discovered after the expiration of the one-year warranty period. The following conditions, restrictions, exclusions and limitations apply to Urbane Home’s Certificate of Limited Warranty.